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Kent Scovill is the head cabinetmaker and owner of PKS Woodworks. A third generation woodworker, he is the product of a childhood spent surrounded by both the tools of the trade and the passion of creating. Kent grew up in an atmosphere of woodworking, constantly finding inspiration from his father coupled with spending his youth beside his grandfather’s carving bench. For Kent there is something about the culmination of both the physical end result and the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that always keeps him searching for the next great project.



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We are not your typical millwork shop, with numerous employees and a business model based on quantity. Our central focus is on quality and attention to detail. When you work with our small team of experts, a relationship gets established that ensures familiar faces and a trustworthy, smooth experience throughout the entire process. Your custom woodwork is designed, built and installed by the same crew with every detail established at the beginning and executed thereafter. We at PKS Woodworks encourage you to expand your imagination in regards to your living space and imagine your environment enhanced with the pride and joy present in our custom woodworking solutions.


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We offer full-scaled drawings of your next project, integrating all of you specific needs and design requests nestled within the confines of your space into one steadfast design. We work with all subcontractors to make sure everyone is on the same page, executing a smooth process throughout the building experience.


Here at PKS Woodworks we have amassed the knowledge, experience and specific machinery to complete you next project with the utmost craftsmanship, accuracy and efficiency. Our small team of cabinetmakers ensures that no detail is overlooked as the project stays in the same hands throughout the construction and installation process.


PKS Woodworks offers full installation of our woodworking solutions. We make sure to fit our woodworking into your home in a way that looks as if it not only belongs there, but has been there all along taking every detail into account.



— Testimonials —

We had a complicated project — we wanted a floor to ceiling bookcase about 15 feet high with asymmetrical spaces and a rolling ladder across an entire back wall of our house, not to mention accommodating a slanting floor in our 120 year old house. Kent is not only a master craftsman, but he is an artist, so he quickly grasped what we wanted and conceived and delivered a real work of art on time and on budget. We enjoy it every day.

Kelly & Liz, Cambridge, MA

Kent is a thoughtful and competent supervisor and has a well trained eye for design and craftsmanship. We have had Kent do two different renovations for us. On the second renovation we just left him in charge and got out of the way. If craftsmanship and artistry is more important to you, we recommend Kent without reservation.

Millie & Matt,
South Berwick, ME

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